Super Duty Conversions


2008-2010 Ford® to Cummins® Conversion Service

The 08-10 6.4 Ford trucks take a Cummins well- and many 6.4 owners are finding out they don't like the 6.4 diesel much better than the 6.0.  The 2008-2010 Ford is a great truck otherwise.

The flat rate labor for the 2008-2010 6.4 Ford to Cummins conversion service is $7500.00 (no parts or engine included) when using the stock automatic transmission.  If you have the rare manual transmission model, conversion labor is $500.00 cheaper. Parts, including an engine are going to set you back at least 12,500.  The cruise will work, and your factory gauges too. 

About the 5R110 automatic transmission-  see my specific page for more details- but yeah it does work behind a Cummins with custom tuning.  If you would rather pick up a cutting torch or a shovel than a computer you might want to seriously consider a 6 speed manual trans swap while I am at it.  As you may know the 6-speed manual was a rare option in the 08-10 trucks anyway- so finding one with a manual trans is tough.  If a manual is really what you want and you have the money why not? 

Call or email me with more questions if you have any.  Jason at Super Duty Conversions- Kalispell, Montana